2024 - RONIX-SHIFT FOIL / BALANCE 1300CM Front Wing 240CM Stabiliser

2024 - RONIX-SHIFT FOIL / BALANCE 1300CM Front Wing 240CM Stabiliser

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The most comprehensive foil set up on the market from learning how to start to 4th wave adventures - Shift Adjustable Mast & 28" Mast / Balance 1300cm2 Front Wing.


Welcome to the Stairway to the Heaven and White Lightning.

The gateway to your flight enchantment.

This patent pending Shift Mast will accomplish 3 things for you.

  1. Make deep water starts a breeze.
  2. Give you the confidence to turn your foil kit and really understand the correct body position as you navigate your set up through the waters.
  3. Begin your journey of flying without a handle in smaller wave conditions.

Featuring the adjustable shift mast in 3 varying heights that will advance your riding as you are ready to the next higher mast height.

Once you have progressed through the Shift Mast welcome to White Lightning.

Powerful pumps, responsive, a ton of down the line speed, and overall performance rivaling carbon setups twice the price.

White lightning is for somebody that wants high end performance on a mid-level price point and understands how to pump and will use the height of the 28” mast and wants a quick turning but still very stable design.

The Balance 1300 creates a nimble turn that will easily roll over to edge with its elliptical outline and additional width. It will quickly set you in the sweet spot, keep you on your specified flight pattern and do it with a consistent, stable edge hold.

The carbon wing is painted over in white so you can easily see where the front wing is relative to the waterline to help prevent breeching.

Hybrid Construction – Comes complete with the O2 infusion autoclave manufacturing for the cleanest water exit on front wing and rear stabilizer.

3D Robotics – A solid connection fuselage where a high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is perfectly milled to perfection providing that link between your 4 main foil intersections.

For many foiling is H20 Utopia and the Stairway to Heaven is the perfect start.

+ Alloy Fluid Shift 3 in 1 Adjustable Mast – 14” – 17” or 20” adjustments

+ Alloy Fluid 28" Mast

+ Link 3D Fuselage – 39 cm Length

+ Hybrid Carbon Balance Front Wing – 1300 cm2

+ Hybrid Carbon Balance Rear Stabilizer – 240 cm2

+ Padded Foil Kit Bag – Complete with labeled compartments for all components

+ Removable Front & Rear Wing Protectors

+ Hardware / Case – Complete with neatly labeled displays for all hardware

+ T Handle Tool – 1 tool adjusts all fasteners

+ Fuselage Tip Protector

+ +1° Shim & -1° Shim

+ Anti-Seize Grease



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