Rip Curl - Omega 1.5mm Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit

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Rip Curl Mens Omega 1.5mm Short Sleeve Springsuit is Rip Curl's entry level surfing spring suit for surfing, diving and watersports such as Jet and Water Skiing. 

The 1.5mm Neoprene make it ideal for surf water sports where you're getting wet but you're not submerging in water, intentionally...  Although it may be an 'entry level' suit for Rip Curl, it's superior to most basic spring suits on the market because of Rip Curl's market leading R&D.

The Smooth Skin chest panel repels water which greatly reduces the affect of wind-chill on your core/vital organs, further optimising this suit for cold air/warm water conditions.  If you're diving in the tropics you'll have a blissful time in the Omegas because they're highly flexible and durable but will keep your core warm.

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