Bbtalkin Speaker A01SPK
Bbtalkin - Speaker A01SPK
Bbtalkin - Speaker A01SPK
Bbtalkin - Speaker A01SPK

Bbtalkin - Speaker A01SPK

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BbTALKIN system (STANDARD device) + Speaker + Microphone +bb radio, bb sepaker is the “all in one” device.

BbSpeaker is designed as an all in one device. It is designed for hands-free, real time group talk and push to talk communication.  The microphone is built inside so when you talk in the vicinity of the BbSpeaker, your voice is captured and relayed to the device it is paired to.  Below are the details on how you can use BbSpeaker to communicate.

Pair to Advance Unit

BbSpeaker  has built in long range Bluetooth for real time communication.  You can pair your BbSpeaker to 1 or 2 Advance Units. (For 2 or 3 way communication.)  You can pair the following:

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit + Advance Unit

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit + BbSpeaker

Pair Multiple BbSpeakers

You can connect up to 3 BbSpeakers together.


When paired to your phone, BbSpeaker acts as a hands-free device where you can take phone calls or listen to music.

Zello App

You can use your BbSpeaker in conjunction with the Zello App for push to talk communication.  When using the Zello App, you can have an unlimited number of users connected.


One year limited warranty from date of purchase.

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