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Phase Five Fireball

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Looking for a skim board with HUGE boost? Or a surf style board that spins 360’s on a dime? Well, the Fireball is for you! New to the P5 lineup for 2016, Fireball is the ultimate Cross-Over wake surf board. Based on the outline and rocker pattern of the skim style Matrix, and built with P5’s surfboard tech, Fireball represents red hot expansion into a realm never before visited in wake surfer design. Set up with dual outside Surf fins, it will blast huge airs and giant bottom turns out into the flats. Run it with dual long-base skim style center fins, and you have all the traction you need to hammer big slashes and spin the board effortlessly. Fireball is a proven shape, with ultra-durable construction and tons of versatility. It’s the cross-over King – Get out there and light the fire!!!