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OBrien Platform Trainor Waterski

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LITTLE SKIER TO HOLD ONTO, and another rope for the observer in the boat

Thousands of kids learned to ski on platform style skis back in the 50Ìs, 60Ìs, and 70Ìs. Well, what worked so well back then still works great today! When it comes to getting a little skier started right, there is no substitute for surface area, and the OÌBrien Platform Trainers have surface area in abundance. Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo, the Platform Trainers are the whole training package, complete with a trainer rope and handle for the little skier to hold onto, and another rope for the observer in the boat. Your kids will be skiing in no time on the OÌBrien Platform Trainers!

  • Length – 48″
  • Trainer Rope W/ Handle
  • Weight Range Up to 85 lbs…
  • Bamboo Constructed