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Liquid Force Men's Z-Cardigan Comp Vest

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The Z-CARDIGAN COMP is still one of the lightest and most comfortable impact vests on the market. 4XS Stretch Foam is thin and flexible while our Power-Flex Neoprene fits really tight to your body like a second skin. A tapered waist and larger arm openings make this vest fit just like it anatomically should! It moves with you and is extremely user-friendly!

  • 4XS Stretch Foam… Liquid Force Exclusive
  • Power-Flex Neo: Supportive and fits like a second skin
  • Advanced 16-panel Flex-Architecture design
  • Tapered waist and wide arm openings
  • Reversible: If the mood strikes you, flip out this vest for a new look!


Vest Size

Men's Chest Size


34" - 37"


37" - 40"


40" - 43"


43" - 46"