2022 Liquid Force - Watson Men&

2022 Liquid Force - Watson Men's Approved Vest

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The WATSON CCGA Plus has all the comfort of a competition vest with Transport Canada Approved rated flotation!  

You know that it’s top of the line if it has the Watson name on it, and this life jacket does not disappoint.  The WATSON CGA looks, fits and feels like a comp vest so you can smile and wave as you glide past the Coast Guard Patrol.   Liquid Force has you covered in style!  And let’s not forget for 2021 the WATSON Approved is also certified for all of our friends in Canada!


  • V-Flex Shoulder Pattern… Liquid Force Exclusive
  • Power-Flex Neo
  • Advanced 17-Panel Flex-Architecture Design With V-Flex Shoulder
  • Stretch-Light Lining – Delivers Comfort With Less Water Absorption and Quick Dry Comfort.
  • Flex-Span Poly
  • Hidden Belts With Lower V-Back Design
  • Slightly Tapered Waist And Wide Shoulders
  • Transport Approved Life Jacket

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