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Liquid Force JETT Wakeboard

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For ladies that have mastered the basics and are now on the hunt for wake jumping progression, the Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard will escort you quickly to you're destination. Designed with a 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker, the Jett provides more pop off the lip of the wake than a continuous rocker board, but still planes smoothly through the water and provides a stable edge hold when cutting hard. A first-class ticket to stardom, the Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard will not disappoint.
Rocker Type

3-Stage Hybrid Rocker  Straighter center curve for solid edging and speed - Added kick at ends for steeper arc off wake.


Flex Rating  3 (1 Stiff - 10 Flex)


Boat Style  These boards are designed and created specifically to provide you with the most enjoyment behind your boat!


DISC Hull Through the Center  DISC (Double Inside Single Concave) softens landings and maintains faster board speed as water flows out of the tail.

Dual Concave  Increased acceleration and pop while maintaining soft landings.


Winged Rail

Variable Edge Rail  Lifted edge through the center to prevent catching. The sharper rail at the tip and tail for improved control and response.


Molded Side Fins  Smooth edged fins without the hassle of hardware.

Center Fin  It's so freeing to be single, and it's super stable when riding flat.