Inland surfer Air Series
Inland surfer Air Series

Inland Surfer - Air Series 134 Wakesurf Board (2016)

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The culmination of 15 years of R&D this is Inland Surfer's most advanced surfer yet.

Go faster, bigger and harder than ever before. Not to be confused with the AIR 139, this is not the “small” version of the larger model.

A rounded blunt nose with an aggressive sharp edge the rail to rail response is unlike anything you’ve ever surfed. Employing an aggressive 3 stage rocker given its length, the AIR 136 boosts abrupt aerials that will have you looking down into the boat.

The unique staggered dove tail give incredible release with STEPtech and a loose feel that allows you to feel all the drive of the Twin, or Twinzer fin configuration by your choice.

A solid onyx finish framed in Red Dyed Carbon Fiber looks amazing, but provides a measurable amount of strength and rigidity translating to speed. This is master shaper Jeff Page’s greatest contribution to wake surfing to date and the guaranteed best seller of the year.

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