GlideSoul FULL WET SUIT 3/2 mm back zip

GlideSoul - Full Neoprene Wetsuit 3/2 mm back zip

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The new collection Flashback is inspired by the Esthetics of the Olympics games of the 70-80s, the time of active popularisation of sport as the lifestyle. Wetsuits shapes and graphics are inspired by the Olympic teams uniforms and the colours reflect the classic sportswear combinations that were popular at this time.

Feel the freedom of your movement: High quality S-FOAM neoprene: Softer, more stretchier than L-Foam and easier to put on and take off

  • Glue BlindStitched &100 % taped (GBS & TAPED). The tape reinforced seams add durability and prevent any water through.
  • Fully taped on all interior seams
  • Thermalflex. Special thermal jersey helps to keep your body warm. This thermo lining is partially used inside the full suit
  • Silicone lines are used in the inner wrists and ankles areas. They prevent sliding.
  • The chest zip option allows you to get in and out easier. It also protects from flushing water through the zip.
  • Collar designed with the inner glide skin and the outer stretch neoprene for comfort and minimum flushing
  • Care/cleaning Instruction: Wash hand only

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