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2022 O'Brien - Burnside Stand Up Paddleboard w/Bamboo Paddle

Regular price $1,690.00

Performance SUP

With a hull constructed of environmentally friendly bamboo and a build process focused on producing minimal waste, the Burnside represents a level above traditional epoxy SUP construction. Coming in at an incredibly light 27.5 lbs, the Burnside performs like a board much smaller in size while maintaining a large board's stability. It is the perfect blend of beauty and performance.

Everyday Performance Paddle

Built for the everyday paddler who loves shorter SUP trips and sunset cruises, the O’Brien Explorer Paddle provides the perfect blend of performance and durability.

SUP Features:

  • Dimensions - 10'6" x 32"
  • Volume - 176 L
  • Max. Recommended Capacity - 270 lbs
  • Bamboo Shell - Premium construction built for lightweight performance
  • Storage Bungee - Bring your gear with you
  • Machined EVA Deck Pad
  • Removable 9" SUP fin

Bamboo Paddle Features:

  • Aluminum Shaft - Lightweight and durable
  • Angled and Contoured Bamboo Blade - Durable and buoyant blade designed for smooth, efficient strokes
  • 8" Blade Width - Deliver more powerful strokes
  • Grooved shaft - Eliminates twisting of the shaft components and always remains straight
  • Premium Adjustment Clamp - Effortless adjustability with strong clamping power
  • Paddle Length - 68" to 85" adjustment range
  • Weight - 1.9 lbs

More info:

Bamboo Shell

Premium construction that combines fiberglass and bamboo for lightweight performance and a beautiful design.

Kevlar Wrapped Rails

Significantly enhances the durability of the rails.

Storage Bungee

Easily secure extra gear to your board.

Machined EVA Deck Pad

Premium styling and traction that feels incredible on your feet.

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