Wakesurfing etiquette

Wakesurfing continues to grow in popularity every year as more and more boaters discover how much fun this extreme sport can be. Having an entire glassy lake to yourself is the ultimate dream, but let’s face it, most of the time you have to share the lake with others. So how do you keep everybody happy? Well the first step is to consider other riders so you can maximize your fun, and minimize irritations.

Surf in the middle of the lake

it’s a good idea to keep a healthy distance from shore while wakesurfing, giving the waves a chance to dissipate before they reach moored boats and smash someone’s boat against their dock. 

You’re not just protecting boat docks when you keep a distance. Large waves can have negative effects on wildlife habitat. Numerous types of amphibians and waterfowl make nests close to water level in reedy areas. Those nests could easily be swamped by repeated passes from towboats operating too close to shore. Repeated wave action can also destroy fish habitat, including spawning sites for popular species like bass. Concentrations of heavy waves can also damage nearshore vegetation, resulting in increased shoreline erosion.

Beware of shorelines

If you need to ride a shoreline because the conditions are not good in the middle of the lake,  make sure you run down as far as you can and don’t keep riding the same short run over and over again.

Keep your music at an acceptable level

Everybody enjoys music out on the water on a gorgeous sunny day. Even if your boat has some big, shiny speakers on it that could drown out the whole lake (or river) be mindful of the fact that sounds are amplified on the water, and not everyone likes the same music you do. 

Keep your distance with other boats

That sounds like a no-brainer but it needs to be said. Small craft like canoes, kayaks or stand-up paddleboards can be easily swamped by surf waves, while even larger boats can be disrupted by large wakes, providing occupants with a rough ride and making it more difficult for fishermen to stay on their spots.

Keep your eyes forward

You might be tempted to look over your shoulder to see all the cool tricks your friends are making, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Make sure you keep your eyes where you can still get a clear view of what lies ahead. Remaining alert is the easiest way to anticipate potential conflicts and be able to proactively avoid them. Pay special attention when initiating turns.

Follow the buoys 

You should know by now that the buoys mark off spaces where wakes are not welcome. Be aware of them whether you’re out on your home lake or a new spot and make sure that you follow them. The best way to upset others is to rip through a spot that’s supposed to be wake-free.


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