Wakesurf Essentials Tips & Tricks

Wakesurfing is a sport that has become increasingly popular in the recent years.

It started with a couple of daredevils goofing around with boards tied to their boats and has become an exciting new water sport that is a cross between wakeboarding and surfing.

If you’re curious about getting started with Wakesurfing, we’ll explain the 4 basic elements you need to get started. Stay tuned for articles that go in depth about the various elements we mention here. 

  1. Skim vs Surf - what type of board do I need?
  2. Wetsuits - How to pick the right one
  3. Ropes - yes, there are ‘’wakesurf-specific’’ ropes
  4. Vests (floatation device) - How to pick the right one

Skim vs Surf - What type of board do I need?

If you’re starting out, you should look for a beginner board. Models geared toward more accomplished riders can be difficult for newbies to learn to ride.  Wakesurf board style is purely a personal choice, but a lot of people who are new to wakesurfing are confused by whether they should select surf style or skim style.  

Surf style boards are very similar to regular surf boards and beginner models will have three fins to allow you to gradually master the board. Generally, surf style boards are the largest in size and volume; this style offers a surf-like feel and allows the rider to charge the wave. 

Skim style boards, on the other hand, are designed to skim across the top of the water, and have a looser feel that is great for spinning tricks and other more skate-inspired trick. Skim style boards are typically thin, short and have little volume. 

You’ll also find a few boards that are hybrids. Hybrid style wakesurf boards combine both surf and skim elements to make up the hybrid shape of the board. Avid surfers may like the qualities of hybrid style boards where these boards are playful on the wave but also maintain enough control to charge the wave and maintain control on fast water.

Comparing Skim and Surf style wakesurf boards generally looks at answering this question: What type of surfing do you want to do? Are you looking for a quick, agile board? Are you looking to learn your first 360? Maybe you’re just looking to cruise the wave with minimal effort. 

How to pick the right wetsuit

A wetsuit can be indispensable, for numerous reasons. Whether you like to play in the water year-round, or want to protect your skin of the sun or during wipeouts, there are essentially 5 key questions to ask yourself to help you narrow your search: 

  • What’s is the water temperature? You won’t wear the same wetsuit whether you’re in water in April or in July
  • What activity will you be doing? Different sports require different designs to help you stay comfortable and warm, while allowing you the necessary flexibility for your sport.
  • How to findn the right fit: You want a wetsuits that fits very well so cold water can’t get in.
  • Wetsuit design features: Zippers and seams can really affect the warmth of your wetsuit.
  • Helpful accessories: Some accessories such as gloves, booties or socks will help you stay warmer.

For a deep dive on wetsuits and how to find the best one, read our article titled: How to choose the right wetsuit for you

Do I need a special type of rope to wakesurf?

Absolutely. You can’t wakesurf with just any rope, but one that “wakesurf specific”.

Wakesurfing can be dangerous when pulled by a with a thin rope which can cause nasty rope burns. 

Even though it seems like the rope only serves to allow you enough time for the boat to attain speed and the wave to take form, a a high-quality wakesurf rope can be one of the most vital tools in helping all levels of wakesurfers progress their riding. 

Choosing a wakesurf rope and handle is not rocket science and the experts at CSURF Board Shop can help you select one the key features you need to maximise your purchase for additional skill development behind the boat.

How to pick the right vest

The purpose of a life jacket is to literally save your life, so it’s the most important piece of equipment you wear while wakesurfing. Not only does it protect you from drowning if you’re knocked unconscious during a fall, but it can protect your torso from heavy crashes that could otherwise break ribs or damage vital organs. 

Modern vest designs are not like the old ugly neck-choking keyhole-design orange life preservers that you wore back in the ’70s and ’80s. Nowadays, there’s really no excuse for not wearing one at all times. 

Even a poorly fitted vest can help save your life, but why not take take the time to find a vest that fits well and that you actually enjoy wearing? And remember, vests stretch out when they get wet so it should be as snug as possible when you’re trying it out dry. 


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