Top Ten Wakeboarding tricks

So you’ve mastered the basics of wakeboarding tricks and you are ready to move on to something more advanced? If you think you’re ready to try your hand at the more complicated maneuvers on a wakeboard then consider the following top ten wakeboarding tricks to test your skills.

#1 Trick: The Crow Mobe

First is the Crow Mobe which is a toeside front roll with a frontside 360. This is actually one of the easy mobe tricks that you can do on a wakeboard and if you do it correctly it will impress anyone watching. This trick can even be done without having to gain a lot of air and you can choose to do it without a mid-air handle-pass to make it easier as you get used to the trick. Before you try the Crow Mobe it is a good idea to be good at rotating scarecrows fast and be able to effortlessly do toeside 360s both with and without passing the handle.

#2 Trick - The Mobius

The Mobius which is a heelside backroll with a front side 360. This was the first mobe trick done on wakeboards, but it is very difficult to remain consistent when doing this trick so you don’t see many people, even professionals, doing it today. So by doing this trick you will definitely gain admiration and respect from people who are watching you. Before you try this trick you should be able to do roll to reverts with a short cut and good height. You should have strong handle passing skills and be fluent in performing heelside 360s.

#3 Trick - The Tantrum to Blind

Then there is the Tantrum to Blind which is a tantrum with an indy grab and a backside 180. This is a very difficult trick that requires you to have both skill and grace. It is also another one of those wakeboarding tricks that is very difficult to become consistent with. Although once you master this trick it is a very beautiful looking trick. Before doing this trick you should have a strong understanding and ability of the wake-to-wake tantrum and the ability to do a backside 180 which requires you to land wrapped.

#4 Trick: The Elephant

Fourth is the Elephant which is a scarecrow with a rewind 180 performed backwards to forwards. This trick is very similar to the scarecrow except you pull the board back just before landing instead of landing switch. To do the Elephant correctly you must rotate and look like you are doing a scarecrow instead of a toeside front roll. Before doing this trick you should be able to do toesides that require hard edging, be able to do big wake jumps toeside and have the ability to do large scarecrows.

#5 Trick: The Front Flip

Next is the Front Flip which is an end over end cartwheel style flip. This is considered a more advanced trick even though it is a classic invert because of the fact that you can grab in different ways to both make it your own and also add big style to the trick. Before doing this you should be able to make large wake jumps heelside, do cartwheels on the ground or on a trampoline and be very comfortable going upside down while moving.

 #6 Trick: The Half-Cab Roll

The sixth trick is the Half-Cab Roll which is a switch roll to revert. The roll to revert is probably the second easiest invert a wakeboard can learn, but landing switch makes it a little bit harder than the easy inverts. You can add style to this trick by choosing to grab melan, mute or nose. You should be able to do a back roll, be comfortable with a heelside 180 and do big wake jumps before attempting this trick.

#7 Trick: The Heelside Backroll

The comes the heelside backroll which is easily described as a reverse cartwheel. The backroll is one of the easiest inverts to do on a wakeboard and in fact this is probably the first trick you learned. After you have developed proper technique and edge the backroll is actually quite easy, but then a lot of tricks will be built off of it. Before moving on you need to master the backroll by being able to edge hard and progressively, make large wake jumps and have practice going upside down on a trampoline.

#8 Trick: The Scarecrow

Next is the Scarecrow which is a front roll with a frontside 180.This trick can be done either small or big. The hardest part is the approach and pop off the wake. You should be able to edge hard and progressively toeside and master the toeside 180 before attempting this trick.

#9 Trick: The Tantrum

The Tantrum is a heelside backflip that is a classic wakeboarding trick and one of the first inverts many will attempt. This is one of the first trick in wakeboarding history and is similar to doing a back flip on a trampoline. You can build on the trick by grabbing in different ways for style and build on it with harder trick such as the Whirlybird. Before attempting this trick you should have good edge control and be comfortable performing aggressive heelside cuts and big landings.

#10 Trick: The Whirlybird

Lastly there is the whirlybird which is a tantrum with a backside 360 while rotating the handle above your head. If you perform this trick right it can be one of the most beautiful tricks in wakeboarding. Basically you have to perform a tantrum with a backside 360 while keeping the rope over your head instead of passing the handle. You should be very comfortable performing Tantrums before you attempt to do this wakeboard trick.


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