Best women's bathing suits for Wakeboard and Wakesurf

If you’re active during summer, you’ll notice that there is a plethora of bikinis and one-pieces that look amazing in theory, but in practice, don't provide the support or coverage a woman really needs should they actually want to move in it. In this article, we explore the various options of athletic-inspired swimwear that will keep you looking sexy while holding everything in place.

Let’s start with our very own Canadian brand: June Swimwear. Based in Montreal, June Swimwear began with a simple goal: give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf, and everything travel can mean. Founded in 2009, they’ve constantly aimed to create the perfect bikini for the girl who craves salt in her hair, sand in her clothes, and truly genuine vacation memories. Always versatile and comfortable, their products are designed to help you look great, feel great, and never let you down... Because the last thing you need is your bikini taking a little vacation of its own.

What is great about June Swimwear is that you can create your own fashion by mixing and matching the tops and bottoms, and some of their items are even reversible, allowing you to change your look without spending a fortune. 

Here is a look at the June Swimwear collection

june swimwear

Let’s move on to another company that endeavours to make great bathing suits made for sports: Rip Curl. Rip Curl is a company built by surfers for surfers, and they have been market leaders in surfing for over 50 years. Rip Curl understand what a woman needs in swim – from bikinis that stay on in the surf (and still look great) through to fashionable one-pieces, easy mix-and-match swim tops and flattering high waisted bottoms.

Here is a look at the Rip Curl collection:

rip curl swimwear

Another company making great swimwear is GlideSoul. GlideSoul is Waterwear designed by women, for women. A love for getting out on the water is in their blood — and they want to share that love with women across the globe. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a complete beginner exploring watersports for the first time, you will feel great and love every minute you spend out on the water with their swimwear. 

Cutting-edge technology, premium materials and quality construction with dynamic and striking designs are combined to bring you a selection of eye-turning and flattering products that offer the performance, warmth and protection you need. 

Here is a look at the GlideSoul collection:

glidesoul swimwear

Finally, Freegun is a European company created in the south of France in 2007 that has been anchored in the world of extreme sports thanks to its collaboration with numerous athletes and presence at international events. The Freegun swimsuit is a symbol of relaxation, escape, warmth, outdoors and sports activities, and it can be worn in all circumstances as soon as the sun comes out.

Here is a look at the Freegun collection:

freegun swimwear


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